Electro-Motion Now Offers Commercial Generator Decommissioning

Electro-Motion Now Offers Commercial Generator Decommissioning

Commercial generators play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply for businesses, industries, and critical facilities. However, there comes a time when these generators need to be decommissioned for various reasons, such as technological obsolescence, maintenance issues, environmental concerns, and others.

Electro-Motion now offers a full range of decommissioning services for your emergency power systems. If you’ve been considering decommission, give us a call at 650-321-6169 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll conduct an onsite visit and let you know what it will take to decommission your generator in your unique situation.


Why Decommission a Commercial Generator?

Technological Obsolescence:

One of the primary reasons for decommissioning a commercial generator is technological obsolescence. Over time, advancements in generator technology may render older models less efficient, less reliable, and more expensive to maintain and operate. Upgrading to a newer, more efficient generator can lead to cost savings and improved performance.

Maintenance Challenges:

As generators age, they require more frequent maintenance and repairs. Frequent breakdowns and the difficulty of finding replacement parts can lead to increased downtime and operational costs. Decommissioning an old generator in favor of a newer model can alleviate these maintenance challenges.

Environmental Compliance:

Environmental regulations are continually evolving, and older generators may not meet current emissions and environmental standards. Decommissioning and replacing these generators with eco-friendlier alternatives can help businesses comply with environmental regulations and reduce their carbon footprint.

Safety Concerns:

Older generators can pose safety hazards due to wear and tear. Decommissioning is a proactive measure to eliminate potential risks associated with aging equipment, preventing accidents and costly liabilities.

Cost Savings:

Newer generators are often more fuel-efficient and cost-effective to operate. By decommissioning an older generator and investing in a more efficient one, businesses can realize significant cost savings over the long term.


Electro-Motion’s Decommissioning Services

Evaluate the Generator:

The first step in the decommissioning process is to conduct a thorough evaluation of the generator. This assessment should include the generator’s age, maintenance history, efficiency, emissions, and compliance with current regulations. Based on this evaluation, you can determine whether decommissioning is the best course of action. We can also help with the permitting process.

Disconnect Power Supply:

Before you can start decommissioning, disconnect the generator from the power supply. This involves shutting off the generator and isolating it from the electrical system to prevent accidents during the process.

Drain Fuel and Coolants:

To prevent environmental contamination, drain the generator’s fuel and coolants properly. Dispose of these substances according to local regulations or recycle them when possible.

Dismantle the Generator:

The actual decommissioning process involves dismantling the generator. This includes disconnecting and removing all components, such as the engine, alternator, and associated wiring. Label and store reusable components for potential resale or recycling.

Manage Emissions:

As you dismantle the generator, control and manage any emissions that may occur. Install exhaust hoods and ventilation systems to minimize the release of harmful substances.

Dispose of Scrap Materials:

Once the generator is fully dismantled, sort and dispose of the scrap materials in an environmentally responsible manner. Recycling is often the preferred option to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Document the Decommissioning:

Maintain detailed records of the decommissioning process, including permits, material disposal records, and site remediation reports. These documents will be valuable for compliance purposes and future reference.

Remove the Generator:

Electro-Motion has partnered with Doc Bailey Cranes to provide services to remove your old generator from its pad. We can then assist with proper disposal.



Decommissioning a commercial generator is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. While it may be prompted by technological obsolescence, maintenance challenges, environmental concerns, safety issues, or cost-saving considerations, the decommissioning process is a necessary step to ensure the efficient and safe operation of critical power systems.

As one of the oldest and most reputable generator service companies in the Bay Area, Electro-Motion has the skills and experience to provide expert decommissioning services, even on a tight budget. All our services are performed by EGSA certified technicians, so you can trust our services are both compliant and professional. Give us a call at 650-321-6169 to schedule a free consultation, or click the link to schedule and one-on-one meeting.

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