Introducing ATSM Lite: Simplifying Transfer Switch Maintenance

Introducing ATSM Lite: Simplifying Transfer Switch Maintenance

For your emergency backup power system, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Businesses rely on uninterrupted power supply to keep operations running smoothly, making regular maintenance a non-negotiable aspect of facility management. However, there are times when that maintenance cannot be at the cost of shutting down generator power, which is often the case with most automatic transfer switch maintenance and repair.

Enter ATSM Lite, a new offering by Electro-Motion Generator Service. ATSM Lite promises streamlined functionality with minimal downtime. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what ATSM Lite is, why it’s essential, and how it differs from other maintenance options.

What is Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance “Lite”?

ATSM Lite, or Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance Lite, is a comprehensive yet streamlined maintenance service designed specifically for companies that cannot have extended shutdown of power to their critical systems. At its core, ATSM Lite is essentially a Functional Load Test (FLT) with additional readings and minor cleaning of the device without shutting down your EPS.

 Let’s break down the key steps involved in an ATSM Lite maintenance session:

  1. Check Statics on Utility Side of ATS: Conduct normal static readings on the utility side of the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). This includes temperature measurements and voltage drop assessments on all three phases.
  2. Transfer ATS to Generator: Record timers and proceed to transfer the ATS to the generator to simulate real-world scenarios.
  3. Inspect Emergency Side of ATS: Remove plastic shields and check statics on the emergency side of the ATS.
  4. Thermal Imaging: Utilize a thermal meter to check temperature readings on each phase, identifying any irregularities that may indicate potential issues.
  5. Transfer ATS Back to Utility: Record timers once again as the ATS is transferred back to utility power.
  6. Clean and Secure: Clean the interior and exterior of the cabinet, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the possibility of arc flashing. Secure plastic shields according to factory specifications.
  7. Final Checks: Conduct a thorough check-out with the customer, reporting any irregularities observed during the maintenance process.

Why Do I Need ATSM Lite?

ATSM Lite serves multiple crucial purposes in commercial generator maintenance. Firstly, it documents building load readings, providing valuable insights into power usage patterns. Secondly, it verifies the functionality of the switch under various operating conditions, ensuring reliability when it’s needed most. Lastly, the cleaning aspect of ATSM Lite minimizes the possibility of arc flashing, enhancing safety within the facility.

How is it Different from ATSM and ATS Thermal Scan?

ATSM Lite strikes a balance between comprehensive maintenance and minimal disruption. Unlike traditional ATS Maintenance (ATSM), which may require removal of utility power and emergency power feeds in order to perform the work, ATSM Lite offers a less invasive approach.

ATSM Lite is an ATSM without the partial disassembly of the switch required for a thorough cleaning down to the contact level (since this requires de-energizing the switch and therefore interruption of power to the emergency loads). The switch remains live throughout the ATSM Lite service.

ATS Thermal Scan, on the other hand, is simply taking temperature readings of the live switch, providing a snapshot in-time of the current condition of the switch in order to identify any potential hot spots that could indicate impending failure. ATS Thermal Scan does not include cleaning of the switch or cabinet, and an FLT is not performed to test switch functionality.

How Long Does it Take and Is There an Interruption of Power?

The duration of an ATSM Lite session typically ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on timers and specific requirements. Importantly, there is no interruption of power due to the non-disassembly nature of the maintenance process.

Does ATSM Lite Replace ATSM?

ATSM Lite serves as a complementary option to traditional ATS Maintenance, particularly in scenarios where downtime is not feasible. It offers a good alternative for businesses that cannot afford interruptions in power supply, providing peace of mind without compromising on maintenance standards.

In conclusion, ATSM Lite presents a practical solution for EPS maintenance, combining essential checks with minimal disruption. By offering a snapshot of the switch’s condition and functionality, ATSM Lite ensures reliability and safety without compromising on operational efficiency. For businesses seeking a less invasive approach to emergency backup power maintenance, ATSM Lite emerges as a promising choice in the ever-evolving landscape of facility management. For more information or to schedule service, call Electro-Motion at 650-321-6169.

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