PART 4: What Services Are Included In Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Maintenance?

PART 4: What Services Are Included In Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Maintenance?

The Importance of ATS Maintenance

As part of our ongoing effort to inform and educate our clients, Electro-Motion has created a four-part series on one of the most critical parts of your emergency backup power system: the Automatic Transfer Switch.

In our final part, we take an in-depth look at the services you should expect when your ATS is being inspected and serviced. Proper maintenance of an ATS is vital for the reliability and safety of the entire power system. Without regular maintenance, the ATS can fail, rendering even the best generators useless, much like a car without a functioning transmission.

What services are included in ATS Maintenance?

Effective ATS maintenance involves several critical steps

1. Visual Inspection: Checking for signs of wear and tear, including carbon tracking, cracks, corrosion, and loose terminals.
2. Cleaning: Removing dust, dirt, and other contaminants that could affect performance.
3. Lubrication: Ensuring all moving parts are properly lubricated to reduce friction and wear.
4. Tightening Connections: Verifying and re-torquing all power and control connections according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
5. Functional Testing: Performing a full emergency system test to ensure the generator starts and runs correctly under load conditions.

What you should expect from EPS service companies maintaining your ATS

Most companies that offer ATS maintenance services perform a combination of the following tasks:

    • Visual and Physical Inspection: Identifying any obvious signs of damage or wear.
    • Electrical Testing: Checking the integrity of electrical connections and components.
    • Contact Cleaning: Ensuring that the electrical contacts are clean and free from oxidation or other contaminants.
    • Operational Testing: Simulating a power outage to test the ATS’s response and functionality.
    • Thermal Scanning: Identifying and addressing potential overheating issues without disrupting the power supply.
    • Documentation and Reporting: Providing detailed reports on the condition of the ATS and any maintenance performed.

Electro-Motion’s ATS Maintenance Services

Electro-Motion provides comprehensive ATS services. In fact, we offer two services: ATS Maintenance and our proprietary ATSM Lite. ATS Maintenance is extremely comprehensive, and features the following services:

  1. Thorough Disassembly and Inspection: Electro-Motion disassembles the ATS down to the contact level, ensuring every part is inspected and any issues are addressed. This meticulous approach is more detailed than the standard practice of many other companies, which may only perform superficial inspections.
  2. Carbon Tracking, Cracks, and Corrosion Checks: They meticulously check for carbon tracking, cracks, corrosion, and overheated contacts or connections.
  3. Emergency System Testing: After reassembling the ATS, they perform a comprehensive emergency system test to verify that the generator starts and runs critical loads properly. This ensures that the ATS will function correctly during an actual power outage.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: Electro-Motion offers flexibility in scheduling maintenance to minimize disruption to business operations, including weekend and night work, or by using temporary generators if necessary.

Our second service, ATSM Lite, is a comprehensive yet streamlined maintenance service designed specifically for companies that cannot have extended shutdown of power to their critical systems.

At its core, ATSM Lite is essentially a Functional Load Test (FLT) with additional readings and minor cleaning of the device without shutting down your EPS:

  1. Check Statics on Utility Side of ATS: Conduct normal static readings on the utility side of the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). This includes temperature measurements and voltage drop assessments on all three phases.
  2. Transfer ATS to Generator: Record timers and proceed to transfer the ATS to the generator to simulate real-world scenarios.
  3. Inspect Emergency Side of ATS: Remove plastic shields and check statics on the emergency side of the ATS.
  4. Thermal Imaging: Utilize a thermal meter to check temperature readings on each phase, identifying any irregularities that may indicate potential issues.
  5. Transfer ATS Back to Utility: Record timers once again as the ATS is transferred back to utility power.
  6. Clean and Secure: Clean the interior and exterior of the cabinet, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the possibility of arc flashing. Secure plastic shields according to factory specifications.
  7. Final Checks: Conduct a thorough check-out with the customer, reporting any irregularities observed during the maintenance process.

How does Electro-Motion compare with typical ATS maintenance providers

While many companies provide ATS maintenance, Electro-Motion distinguishes itself with its detailed and thorough approach:

    • Depth of Inspection: Electro-Motion’s disassembly down to the contact level is more in-depth than the typical visual and physical inspections provided by other companies.
    • Focus on Safety and Reliability: By including thermal scanning and ensuring all power and control connections are re-torqued to manufacturer specifications, Electro-Motion prioritizes both safety and reliability.
    • Comprehensive Testing: The emphasis on a full emergency system test post-maintenance ensures the ATS and generator are fully functional, a step that might not always be included in standard service packages from other providers.
    • Customer Convenience: Electro-Motion’s flexibility in scheduling maintenance during non-peak hours or providing temporary power solutions showcases their commitment to customer convenience and minimal business disruption.

How do you decide which ATS service you need?

At Electro-Motion, we understand that no two businesses—and no two generators—are exactly alike. Each has different needs, different goals, and different budgets. So how do you decide which ATS service is right for you?

    • Do you have a Bypass ATS or have a shutdown period during the year? Then you should schedule our full ATS Maintenance service.
    • Do you have a Standard ATS but can’t have power to your emergency loads interrupted? Consider scheduling ATSM-Lite.
    • Don’t have the budget for full ATSM or ATSM-Lite, but would like to keep updated on the current condition of your ATS? Then try ATS Thermal Scan.

Electro-Motion stands out in the field of EPS maintenance by offering detailed inspections down to the contact level, incorporating thermal imaging, and providing flexible maintenance scheduling to minimize business disruptions. Our approach ensures that the ATS and the entire power system remain in optimal working condition, ready to perform in an emergency.

For more detailed information on Electro-Motion’s ATS maintenance services, visit our[website]( If you have any questions, call Electro-Motion at (650) 321-6169, or click here to arrange for a free consultation.

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