Annual Generator/Fire Pump Engine Maintenance

Stay Ready

Critical annual maintenance keeps your generators and fire pumps ready for anything.

Beyond an Oil Change

Our 40-point maintenance checklist covers all the bases.

Unparalleled Thoroughness

We even get your oil tested by a third-party lab.

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s 110 standards, you need a minimum of four maintenance visits per year to keep your equipment operating properly. All equipment manufacturers agree with this minimum standard.

However, businesses typically request more frequent visits when equipment reliability is critical to health, safety, or profitability. When in-house weekly or monthly maintenance checks cannot be performed and documented regularly, we recommend 6-12 visits per year.

One of those visits each year is the annual maintenance (AM) visit, where we perform critical maintenance on your generators and fire pump engines. During this visit, we’ll do the following:

  • Change the oil and oil filter
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Change the air filter, if appropriate
  • Oil analysis—EMI uses an independent certified lab for oil analysis results to ASTM standards
  • Perform a 40-point maintenance inspection
  • Inspect the automatic transfer switch (ATS), if appropriate
  • Test the unit
  • Provide you with maintenance inspection reports and recommendations
  • Clean the unit of dirt and debris

This annual inspection and maintenance is an important part keeping your backup power system healthy and reliable.

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