Battery Replacement

A Critical Failure Point

Battery failure is the #1 reason generators don’t start when needed.

Replace It Regularly

Batteries need to be replaced every two to three years to be reliable.

It’s Cheap Insurance

Replacing your batteries is the cheapest insurance you can buy against generator failure.

The #1 reason for service calls is because the generator did not start.

The #1 reason the generator did not start is due to a battery system failure.

If your unit doesn’t start, it can’t perform. Your starting system—consisting of the battery, battery charger, starter, starter solenoid, and cables—is critical to maintaining dependable and reliable performance. Among these starting system elements, the battery is the most important—and it also happens to be the item most likely to cause trouble.

Under ideal conditions, a battery can last five years or even longer. Unfortunately, most starting batteries work under average-to-poor environmental and maintenance conditions. This shortens their life considerably. 

Based on our experience, we recommend replacing small batteries every two years and large batteries every three years with an industrial-grade battery specifically designed for standby generator duty. 

Remember—waiting on this isn’t like waiting to replace your car battery until it fails. Wait that long and you risk not having emergency power when you desperately need it. Replacing your batteries every two to three years is the cheapest insurance you can buy to make sure your emergency generator is dependable and starts when needed.

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