Cooling System Service

Critical to Engine Function

Engines that can’t cool themselves properly overheat and fail.

A Thorough Service Plan

We replace all hoses, belts, and thermostats that deteriorate over time before they break.

Only Every Three Years

NFPA 110 standards recommend service every three years, and our experience proves this is sufficient.

The cooling system is an important part of any engine, and just like all the others, it deteriorates over time.

Hoses crack from the inside out, creating leaks. Belts that connect the water pump to the engine can snap without warning. The thermostat that regulates the flow of coolant to the engine can break, and the radiator cap that controls the interior fluid pressure can go bad.

A breakdown in any one of these parts can cause the engine to overheat and fail. To avoid that, the National Fire Protection Association’s 110 standards recommend a cooling system service every three years.

Here’s what we do:

  • Drain coolant system
  • Flush system as required
  • Replace the upper and lower radiator hoses
  • Replace the heater hoses
  • Replace the belts
  • Replace the engine thermostats
  • Replace the radiator cap
  • Fill the system with new coolant
  • Test the unit

After the service, we’ll provide you a full service report and any recommendations. Like all our other services, the cooling system service is designed to solve problems before they occur.

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