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When it comes to power emergencies, clear communication and a fast response from your maintenance provider is critical to ensuring your business can make it through a shutdown with minimal disruption.

Picture this—you’re notified by PG&E that power is going to be shut down for 36 hours due to emergency maintenance starting tomorrow. You need to be sure your generator system is ready to keep your business running, so you call your provider.

“Sorry,” they say. “We can’t get anyone out there until first thing next week.”

It’s a nightmare scenario, but we’ve been contacted by frantic facility managers in precisely this situation.

There are two questions we recommend everyone ask themselves about their current provider:

  1. Is your current provider able to quickly respond to emergencies?
  2. Are your current technicians properly qualified?

Let’s look at them one at a time.

Will your current maintenance provider respond with qualified support and solutions when you need them most?

When we’re called for emergency support, we respond immediately. In many cases, we find critical repairs that would have caused the units to fail during a shutdown.

We develop a plan to prepare their units for the shutdown, including contingency plans for any repairs. We expedite parts and put our technicians on standby.

Most importantly, we make ourselves available at any time.

At EMI, we guarantee a maximum two-hour response time, 24/7, every day of the year.

Do your current technicians have the training and experience to handle emergencies?

Experience and training matter when it comes to maintaining the backup power systems your business depends on in a shutdown.

All our technicians are EGSA certified and have a minimum of 100 hours of safety and skills training per year. The average experience level for our technicians is over 10 years, so you know you are getting support from seasoned experts.

Our technicians are skilled at evaluating any generator system and creating a plan that fits both your technical requirements and budget.

We have a good, better, best approach to our maintenance packages that improves emergency power integrity and makes your commercial generator system costs predictable.

Good—Assess and Prioritize Needs

Maintenance inspection (3x per year)

Annual insulation resistance testing (1x per year)

Automatic transfer switch thermal scan (1x per year)

Functional load test (1x per year)

Better—Perform Critical Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance inspection (3x per year)

2 hour load bank test (1x per year)

Automatic transfer switch maintenance (1x per year)

Fuel testing and tank inspection (1x per year)

Annual maintenance (1x per year)

Best—Full NFPA 110 Compliance

Maintenance inspection (3x per year)

2-4 hour load bank test (1x per year)

Automatic transfer switch maintenance (1x per year)

Fuel testing and tank inspection (1x per year)

Insulation resistance testing (1x per year)

Annual maintenance (1x per year)

Are you satisfied with the responsiveness of your current provider? EMI is available 24/7.

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