Functional Load Testing

Verifies ATS Health

A functional load test quickly verifies that your ATS is working properly.

System Critical

Without a functioning ATS, you can’t access your emergency power.

Do It Monthly

Because of how important the ATS is, we recommend doing a functional load test once a month.

A functional load test is a simple way to ensure your automatic transfer switch (ATS) is functioning properly.

The ATS is the part of your system that switches your building’s power supply from the grid to your generator in an emergency. No matter how well you maintain your generator, you won’t be able to access all that power during an outage if your transfer switch fails.

Just like your generator needs to be exercised regularly to make sure that it is operating well, the transfer switch needs the same attention. Because the test is conducted without a load, it doesn’t cause any power disruptions. During this test, we also check the ATS timers to make sure they are set properly. If we find any issues, you’re able to address them immediately so that your switch is ready to go when you really need it.

Because of how important the ATS is to your emergency power system, we recommend doing a functional load test once a month.

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