Generator System Monitoring

It’s Convenient

Monitor your backup power system from your smartphone.

You Get Automatic Alerts

Get real-time notifications of events like power outages or when your generator fails to turn on.

It’s Inexpensive

Gen-Tracker™ is inexpensive to set up and monitor.

Electro-Motion offers the #1 selling cellular-based generator monitoring system in the country—no IT involvement required.

The Gen-Tracker system is designed to provide you with the information necessary to manage your backup power system on your smartphone. When the generator starts, stops, or fails to start when needed, you get a text message and email. You no longer need to physically check to see if your generator is exercising as scheduled, and you will know immediately if your facility has gone to emergency power.

Why customers choose Gen-Tracker™

1. Get real-time notification of power outages

With Gen-Tracker™, you receive a text or email alert if utility power is lost and the emergency backup system is activated. Knowing when the outage began enables you to manage the situation appropriately, rather than being surprised to find your generator running when you return to the office Monday morning.

2. Keep track of your generator’s run time

Either you manually check to ensure your generator is working every week, or you can install Gen-Tracker™. 90% of the time, a generator problem is identified during the weekly/bi-weekly/monthly exercise cycles, and the problem remains unaddressed until you lose power. Gen-Tracker™ alerts you within minutes when your generator fails to exercise properly, so you can address the problem now—not when there’s an emergency.

3. Automatic monthly documentation

Every month, you get an email summarizing the previous month’s history log for that generator. It provides you with important information such as the amount of time the generator ran, if there were any utility outages, and if the power to the building was lost for more than 10 seconds.

Gen-Tracker™ saves you time, provides you with peace of mind, and it works with any generator. It’s also inexpensive to install and monitor. 

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