Insulation Resistance Testing

Critical to Reliability

This test identifies weak electrical components that are undetectable under normal conditions.

Test Performed Annually

NFPA 110 recommends this test be performed once per year.

No Disruption

This test will not disrupt your business activities.

Insulation resistance testing (aka Meggering™) is a specialized procedure where the integrity of the electricity-producing portion of your generator set (the alternator) is tested in a safe and isolated condition. It’s a crucial part of maintaining a reliable emergency power system and is recommended annually by the National Fire Protection Association’s 110 standards.

The test identifies weaknesses in internal components that may not be detectable under normal conditions until a total failure occurs. Identifying and preventing these impending failures is a relatively simple process and typically will not impact any supported building systems. Depending on engine configuration, the unit may need to be partially disassembled to access the alternator.

During the test, we apply voltage to the alternator windings to determine if the insulation is damaged and may cause a short circuit under normal operation. To perform this work safely, we’ll need to disconnect your generator from your building for a relatively short period of time, typically one to three hours. 

You’ll receive a printout of the test results along with your work order and any recommendations. If we find any problems, we’ll help you develop a remediation plan that avoids costly damage to your entire system.

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