Preventative Maintenance Service For UPS and PDUs

Visual Inspection

Inspect the UPS and/or PDUs solution to verify that all system components are clean and functioning within the designed specifications.

Environmental Inspection

Verify and document that the system’s environment is within specified operating conditions including but not limited to room temperature, airflow, dust contamination, and more.

Battery/Electrical Inspection

Inspect all power and control wire termination points, as well as all UPS and/or PDUs system components.

Electro-Motion’s annual UPS preventive maintenance visit provides a comprehensive visual, environmental, and electronic inspection of the UPS and/or PDUs system to check that components are performing to defined technical and environmental specifications:

  • Check UPS and/or PDUs event and alarm logs.
  • Verify that input, output, and bypass voltage and current values are within the designed specifications.
  • Check battery life and verify transfer to battery operation and transfer to and from static bypass.
  • Check parallel operation performance.
  • Verify and implement all required Field Advisories and Field Modifications.
  • Check all circuit board revisions and update as required.
  • Deliver a graphical site report documenting UPS status and on-site activities.
  • Recommend any additional service activities as required resulting from the preventive maintenance activities listed above.

This service includes all labor and travel expenses with a 7×24 scheduling upgrade option, including weekends and holidays. Electro-Motion also offers the “EcoStruxture IT Free” monitoring system, a modern cloud platform that connects the devices supplied by Electro-Motion and other vendors to the cloud for instant access from anywhere.

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