Tune Up

Ignition System Maintenance

During a tune up, we replace the vulnerable parts of your engine’s ignition system.

Not All Engines

Only gas and propane engines require a tune up—diesel engines don’t.

Needed Every Two Years

Gas and propane engines require a tune up every two years.

If your commercial generator has a natural gas or propane engine, the ignition system is built with components like spark plugs, an ignition coil, and a distributor that help start the engine.

Over time, spark plugs foul, spark plug wires crack, and the points on the distributor wear down—all of which mean the generator may not start when you need it to. The best way to prevent this is with a periodic tune up.

Here’s what we do for a generator engine tune up:

  • Replace all the spark plugs
  • Replace all the spark plug wires
  • Replace the ignition coils
  • Replace the cap, rotor, and set points of the distributor
  • Start the generator to verify it runs at the proper RPM with no issues

If your commercial generator has a diesel engine, it doesn’t require a tune up because diesel engines don’t have ignition coils, spark plugs, or a distributor.

For propane and natural gas generator engines, we recommend a tune up every two years.

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